Surprise Engagement at Longwood

On Monday night I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement at Longwood Gardens. Bob and Jess have been together for 5 years and have visited Longwood Gardens during the Christmas display every year. This year, on their 5 year anniversary Bob was going to turn this into a trip neither him nor Jess would forget. Bob and I have been friends for a while and when he asked me to shoot this event for him I jumped at the chance. We met at Longwood the Wednesday before he had planned to pop the question. We walked around and looked at different areas that he thought would be nice and came up with a sure fire plan to keep it a surprise. Bob told her that I wanted to get some couple shots for some promotional work and she bought it hook line and sinker.

When I arrived at the gardens on Monday, Bob and Jess has already walked through as they do every year. I met up with them and we walked around to a couple different places and get some good shots. Bob had picked out where he wanted to do it and when we headed there, I got some shots at first and while pretending to look at my camera to make sure I got the shot, Bob went into action and dropped to a knee and well she said YES!!

Congratulations Bob and Jess!!!

Check out the Gallery HERE

_DSC0106 _DSC0109 _DSC0119

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