Good News this Week

Back in April my Dad forwarded me a contest that he got through a West Chester Patch email. The Delaware Valley Region Planning Commission was holding an “I Love Classic Towns” Photo Contest. They Contest had 6 categories and the guidelines that the pictures had to be taken in one of the 10 classic towns. The deadline for the contest was 2 weeks away so I went out one Sunday morning to get sunrise over West Chester. I also went through some of my other pictures and submitted about 10 in the different categories. A few months back I got a letter saying that my one photo was picked to be in the gallery show that will be traveling through the classic towns over the next year and a few weeks later I was picked as one of the winners. A photo I took during a training session at the West Chester Fire Department Training Center was picked as the winner of the People Category. I was surprised and excited but was asked not to tell anyone till the awards ceremony. A few more weeks went by and I got the invitation to the awards ceremony. It was right in the middle of my family’s vacation week at the Jersey Shore. After much thought I decided I would drive home for the ceremony. The event took place at the Ambler Theater and last night I was honored with a frame certificate and the cash prize for the win.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me the last year as I got started in this hobby that has now turned into a part time job for me. I’m not sure what is ahead but I do look forward to it and sharing it with everyone who has been such a huge part and inspiration.

Thanks again



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