“Good” last shoot at the Studio

These photos are from my last shoot in the studio.  Jess Good came to me a few months ago asking for these shots and with the studio closing its doors I knew I had to get the Good family in the Studio.

These photos are honoring Captain Chris Good who died in the Line of Duty as a volunteer firefighter in November 2012.



I would like to thank Jess for letting me post these pictures.

Surprise Engagement at Longwood

On Monday night I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement at Longwood Gardens. Bob and Jess have been together for 5 years and have visited Longwood Gardens during the Christmas display every year. This year, on their 5 year anniversary Bob was going to turn this into a trip neither him nor Jess would forget. Bob and I have been friends for a while and when he asked me to shoot this event for him I jumped at the chance. We met at Longwood the Wednesday before he had planned to pop the question. We walked around and looked at different areas that he thought would be nice and came up with a sure fire plan to keep it a surprise. Bob told her that I wanted to get some couple shots for some promotional work and she bought it hook line and sinker.

When I arrived at the gardens on Monday, Bob and Jess has already walked through as they do every year. I met up with them and we walked around to a couple different places and get some good shots. Bob had picked out where he wanted to do it and when we headed there, I got some shots at first and while pretending to look at my camera to make sure I got the shot, Bob went into action and dropped to a knee and well she said YES!!

Congratulations Bob and Jess!!!

Check out the Gallery HERE

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The Good News Keeps Coming

This past week I received some more good news.   I was voted the Daily Local News Readers’ Choice Award for the Portrait Studio.   I want to thank everyone who voted for me and have supported me through this adventure.  This Thursday all the winners will be featured in a special section in the paper.  In that section will be my first official advertisement.  It is pretty exciting to be moving in the right direction.  I have a lot of good things in the pipeline which I am excited about.  Thanks again for your support and keep checking back for more to come.



September 11th Eve

I usually don’t know how to feel this time of year.  I am a mix of emotions. I usually keep to myself and I guess maybe my trip to NYC tomorrow night as me thinking more so I sat down and wanted reflect and share my thoughts.

It was 11 years ago; I was in 10th grade, had just turned 16 and was officially a firefighter for a whole 15 days.  I remember watching it in school on the TV, remembering one of my friends who came into the lunch room crying bc her dad had been working in NYC that day and was worried (he was ok).  I remember coming home and watching the firefighters on TV and the news channels replaying the footage over and over again.  As the year went on, I learned of my Uncles involvement in that day, working in the air traffic control tower in NY, watching that days events unfold.  I remember the Olde Fashion Christmas Parade that December, how the crowds reacted as we marched thru the streets of West Chester.  And as the years past and I grew in the fire service I learned about some of those brave firefighters and have read and re-read many of the surviving stories that came out of that day.

So far this year has been a pretty crappy year, a lot of sad has happened.  I lost my Grandmother to cancer, the West Chester Fire Department lost a great firefighter, the Goshen Fire Company lost a great EMT, and another Firefighter/EMT has started a battle with that terrible disease.  And as bad as all this has been, all these events have pulled a lot of people together.

In the 11 years as a West Chester Fire Department Firefighter I don’t remember the department being as close as we are right now and I hope that doesn’t change any time soon.  I am very proud to a member of a great organization knowing that no matter what I have 100+ “guys” that have my back.

The past 11 years as a firefighter has taught me so much about both professional and personal aspects of my life.  I haven’t had as much time as I had in the past to give to the fire service as I start other ventures in my life.  I am still a proud firefighter and no matter what I do or where I might go I will always be a firefighter, its in my blood and part of me.

I am very thankful to have the relationships that I do, my parents and my siblings are the best and as a family I feel we have been closer now then we ever have.  I am thankful for my jobs being able to work a full time and start my part time photography business and all the support I have had along the way from all my family and friends.

This time of year everyone posts not to forget.  I don’t forget and I never will.  I have this thing where at least a couple times a week throughout the year when I look at the clock and it is either 9:11 AM or 9:11 PM.  I instantly get chills and for a short moment I reflect and thankful for what I have.

Please continue to remember the events, all of the lives that were lost that day, the hundreds of firefighters that have since died from the various health issues from working at ground zero and most importantly all of our current soldiers who have fought, are currently fighting and have died protecting our freedom.

I am proud to be an American!!



Good News this Week

Back in April my Dad forwarded me a contest that he got through a West Chester Patch email. The Delaware Valley Region Planning Commission was holding an “I Love Classic Towns” Photo Contest. They Contest had 6 categories and the guidelines that the pictures had to be taken in one of the 10 classic towns. The deadline for the contest was 2 weeks away so I went out one Sunday morning to get sunrise over West Chester. I also went through some of my other pictures and submitted about 10 in the different categories. A few months back I got a letter saying that my one photo was picked to be in the gallery show that will be traveling through the classic towns over the next year and a few weeks later I was picked as one of the winners. A photo I took during a training session at the West Chester Fire Department Training Center was picked as the winner of the People Category. I was surprised and excited but was asked not to tell anyone till the awards ceremony. A few more weeks went by and I got the invitation to the awards ceremony. It was right in the middle of my family’s vacation week at the Jersey Shore. After much thought I decided I would drive home for the ceremony. The event took place at the Ambler Theater and last night I was honored with a frame certificate and the cash prize for the win.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me the last year as I got started in this hobby that has now turned into a part time job for me. I’m not sure what is ahead but I do look forward to it and sharing it with everyone who has been such a huge part and inspiration.

Thanks again



Photography is Patience

After close to year of trying to get the Lightning Shot I wanted; I succeeded last night when some pretty powerful storms moved through the West Chester Area.  I usually go to the Parking garage across from the Chester County Justice Center but last night I decided to camp out on top of the Chestnut Street Garage.  I capture my goal just 15 shots and got a second one right after that.  I was pretty pumped and think I am getting the hang of it,  Photography is all about being patient and that paid off last night.